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Are you in need of a kickass homepage? Or a landing page for a promotion? Or maybe just a really tight, SEO keyword-laden, lead-generating blog? Or perhaps headlines or taglines for anything from your Facebook ad to your iTunes app description? Maybe general digital brand storytelling?

Whatever your need, I can write it. Sure, I've been a digital marketer for the past 10 years or so, but I've been a published writer since high school and I've done it all: webinar copy, landing pages, catalog copy, product descriptions, blogs, social media campaigns, press releases, app onboarding screens, case studies. If it's marketing collateral, I can create it. I've been told I have a natural, untaught ability to engage any audience. So not only will it be polished, professional, and free of spelling/grammatical errors, .it will be COMPELLING. Content is my sweet spot. Writing is my superpower.

Let's have a chat about what you need, your business goals are, and how I can help.

Getting started

  • Brand voice description/messaging goals
  • Content strategy or style guidelines
  • Target audience information
  • Overall goals for content (lead generation, increase website traffic, load sales funnel, thought leadership, etc.)